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World of Warcraft Races:  Draenei

"The draenei are former members of the eredar race who fled their homeworld of Argus rather than submitting to the corruption of the Burning Legion. They were assisted by the naaru, a race of sentient energy beings who blessed the draenei with Light-given knowledge and power. Heroes of the draenei stand as bastions of Light and purity, masters of arcane magic, intent on defending the world from the horrors of the Burning Legion."

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THEORYCRAFT: Devi Rata (under construction!)


Here’s an old one-that I’m revising and bringing back up for a future RP event for SoA.  At the time I was doing research into Wicca and Paganism, and I got inspired for this theorycraft by a Witch’s own ritual. 

According to Google Translate, Deva Rata is a okay translation of Goddess’ Night into Hindi.  [Also willing to take any corrections on my languages]


This event is private-held between small groups of women. It can be between friends, a community, even an entire town. A throwback to eredar fertility rites, Devi Rata doubles as a rite of passage for young draenei women entering puberty and for older women wishing to become fertile themselves. It can also be held two nights or a night before a female’s wedding, the last time the bride can be with her friends before becoming a married woman.

[I feel female empowerment/female power would be a very big thing among draenei women.  Draenei society from what we see leans towards equality between the sexes, and perhaps even the proper balance of masculine/feminine energies.]

To start, the celebrations are for women only. Men are not allowed-and there are numerous stories of husbands and lovers attempting to spy- so the locations are held secret up until the very last minute. The older matrons normally are the ones planning the entire night. Pregnant females or those who have born children are heavily encouraged to come-as it’s believed they can impart luck to those who are trying to become fertile themselves.

Rites almost always begin outside- initiations for the youngest members to be formally set on their path to womanhood, blessing rituals for those desiring children. Charms and tokens are almost always given out- and in honor to the Light, prayers and requests are addressed to a naaru as well. Then the celebration moves indoors-the younger girls being entertained with games while the older women sit and exchange gossip, stories, and of course, sexual jokes/stories. Food and drink are brought by everyone and is shared out.

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THEORYCRAFT: Currency (under construction!)



So I have it in my head that draenei- among themselves, would actually pay for goods and services either with a barter system, or with small jewels.

[Because come on. Paying for stuff with sparklies? Awesome… my squealing aside…]

Metals could be used also, but not in the traditional way we see…

In my head, paying with crystals was pretty common, since they were used for things other than just decoration (like technological innovation). But the really common crystals didn’t get you as far as the rarer ones.

For example, the purple crystals are everywhere on everything, but the blue ones seem to be limited to building decor - maybe they’re for light more?

Now I need to go pay better attention to this… It does NOT help that I’m an amateur gemologist and jeweler IRL and this sort of silliness ALREADY fascinates the crap outta me… >.>

Do it.  Do it now.  Do it for the honor of Velen.  For the glory of the draenei people.  FOR THE GOATS.

This reminds of the times my family when to morocco, or to the bazaar in Madrid, and sometimes you couldn’t buy a damn thing before haggling, bartering, or trading for the item. 

When you trade or barter, you have to remember that the item you have has to have a value as well, not only to you, but especially to the person you’re bartering to. A successful draenei merchant will try to trade for higher the value than the item is really worth, so it’s important that the buyer haggles for the price. This usually starts at 50% off the value price, but those with more experience can go as low as 60-70% and work from there. 

We know that draenei use crystals for a lot of things. They act as illumination, as processors, as memory cards, as holograms, decoration, infastructure… And it’s likely that different crystals are used for different things. So some crystals, yes, may be more valuable than others depending on its intended use, availability, and amount/size. Any form of currency (shells, metals, crystals, coins…) represents value stored in the form of commodities. The crystals must have a pre-established value so that a fair bartering or trade can take place. At the same time, a merchant that has too many of one type of crystal may not be interested in haggling for it, but may be willing to barter for more of a lesser crystal.

Think of it as Pokémon cards. We all drooled over that holographic Charizard card, but the kid who had three of those didn’t want to trade it for anything else other than like ten of your normal cards, and maybe throw in a Dark Raichu as well. 

Trading goods and services can also be a form of business as well. Maybe a draenei is good at patching leaky roofs, and is willing to trade his skill for other things he/she needs, such as food, clothing, and other commodities. Maybe a jewelcrafter is willing to lower his/her price for making a belt or necklace if he/she is brought the jewels the work with (like how we call out in trade chat “JCer LFW cheaper with your mats!”). 

I’d also like to think that in draenei society, especially in cities, the governing powers of that metropoli ensured basic commodities for its citizens in exchange that the citizens worked in/for the city. For example, Peacekeepers of Shattrath/militants would be offered housing at no charge for their service in their respective corps since they are using their time into a full-time protective service that they cannot spend on other things, such as farming or construction; thus they would have no physical commodity to barter or trade with. And so then they can use whatever other savings they have or income they make/are given (through their spouse/friends/families) to trade for things later.

The draenei did business with orcs as well, trading jewelry and gems and crystals for meat, hide, and other materials. I don’t think the draenei would be cheaters and offer the orcs poor quality items, but, at the same time, maybe draenei realized the orcs had no need for crystals as the draenei did (since orcs likely used it for decorative purposes or as channeling tools for shamanistic rituals) and it was a way to “get rid of”, or purge, or lesser quality crystals out of the draenei’s currency flow.

It would’ve been fun to see how orcs and draenei traded since the two races likely put far different values on their own goods than the other race did for the other’s. 

And remember the rules of haggling!

  • Know the average/actual price of the item 
  • Always aim for at least 50% off - the merchant will always go up
  • Be polite, it is a business negotiation
  • Overly dramatic theatrics are part of the haggling game
  • Don’t enter a haggling match unless you have intent of buying the item. It is rude to haggle then walk away

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Draenei sociological queustion. What do you think is a social accepted age for draenei begin/stop raising children? Would it be normal for an Argus-aged draenei to have a child? Too, are young draenei who choose to have children as soon as they are able to are looked down on? (All this notwithstanding the societal need for children)


Man, found this at the bottom of my asks. I need to organize this better. Or, wait, no, tumblr needs to have a better organizing system!

Anyway! Biologically, as soon as a female enters her first estrus, she can begin reproducing. However, physically, her body may not be ready to carry and bear a child until she is completely full grown and all the physical aspects that she would need towards conception and birth are completely implemented.

For draenei, this can be tricky. We assume that draenei, and many other longevus races, age a similar rate as humans from birth until adolescent age (more or less, I’m talking in a generalized statement). However, we don’t know for certain when a female draenei will get her first menstrual cycle. She could be grown up physically, but her hormones may not kick in until much later. We also don’t know if draenei have a “coming of age” ceremony or ritual, so we can’t say it’s at X age.

I, personally, would play it safe and suggest that a young female draenei would be socially “allowed” to concieve after a few menstrual cycles have passed; mainly to ensure that her body is physically ready. However, we don’t know if cultural customs would dictate otherwise. Maybe it’s much later.

We don’t know how often the menstrual cycle is, either; if it’s a monthly deal like humans, once a year, or maybe once every X years. If estrus occurs between large intervals of time, it may be in the draenei’s interest to successfully breed. We know that draenei do not have a lot of children at a time, but it’s not certain whether this is a biological aspect (they can’t or is very difficult to), dictated more by a strict estrus cycle (every X time/years), or if it’s a cultural aspect (draenei purposely abstain to prevent overpopulation).

I would think every female draenei would be pressured in some degree to have children at least once in their life; perhaps, even, until they enter a menopausal stage (if they have one). The eldest draenei we know of so far is Velen, and he’s a male so we can’t really use him as a template for female draenei reproduction. Female Eredar use a very young, sexually virile model, so we can’t use them either. Or, at least, it wouldn’t be accurate to. Maybe in Warlords of Draenor we will get more information, or have a really old female draenei that perhaps could give more insight into this.

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"Kal’ai the Uplifting"

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Draenei by koryface

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maybe the children of a lesser god, between heaven and hell